CNNC unit lends a hand to help the virus fight in Italy
  • Updated:2020-04-08
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Medical materials donated by CNNC Environmental Protection are sent to Italy to help with the fight there against the novel coronavirus. [Photo/CNNC]

CNNC Environmental Protection Co Ltd, a unit of China National Nuclear Corporation, offered support for Italy’s novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control, donating medical materials that left Beijing on March 29.

Officials from CNNC Environmental Protection also had a video conference with officials at the Ansaldo nuclear power company in Italy on the day, during which Wu Xiujiang, president of CNNC Environmental Protection, talked about work resumption conditions in China and the progress being made in CNNC's major projects.

CNNC Environmental Protection and CNNC will give support to Ansaldo in epidemic prevention and control, to help it get over its difficulties, Wu said.

Executives from Ansaldo nuclear power company expressed their gratitude for CNNC's support and said that the medical materials would be sent to medical institutions as soon as possible.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic around the world, CNNC Environmental Protection has made efforts to collect medical supplies -- such as masks, gloves, and breathing machines -- to offer assistance to partners in Spain, the United Kingdom, France and other countries. It has already sent masks to Spanish company NUSIM, according to officials.(CNEA)

Officials from CNNC Environmental Protection and Ansaldo nuclear power company in Italy have a video conference on March 29. [Photo/CNNC]