Statement by China at the 64th IAEA General Conference
  • Updated:2020-09-22
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Statement by China at the 64th IAEA General Conference
Delivered by Mr. ZHANG Kejian
the Chairman of China Atomic Energy Authority

Mr. President,

It’s a great honor for me to attend the 64th IAEA General Conference. Please allow me to congratulate you on your election as the President of this conference.

Mr. President,

Nuclear power has made an important contribution to the diversification of energy supply, protection of ecological environment, and combating the climate change. At present, a total of 48 nuclear power units are in operation and 13 units are under construction in mainland China. Recently, another 4 units were approved by the Chinese government. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, nuclear power generation has given full play to its unique advantage in stabilizing the power supply and promoting the resumption of work and production, which shows great development potential.

The application of nuclear technology has maintained a rapid development momentum. During the epidemic prevention and control, the irradiation technique has been applied in the sterilization of medical materials, and the electron beam technique used in the treatment of medical wastes and wastewater, which highlights the unique nuclear advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and safety, and makes the public further aware of the important value of nuclear technology application.

China has continuously strengthened the development of regulatory system and national governance for nuclear safety and security. Nuclear power plants in operation and under construction have maintained a good safety record. We will organize the translation and donation of a whole set of standards and guides on nuclear safety and security, making our own contribution to the improvement of the international nuclear safety and security system.

Mr. President,

The international community should uphold the concept of a community with shared future for mankind, cooperate and collaborate with one another, jointly respond to various risks and challenges, and contribute to the common goal of “atoms for peace and development”.

Firstly, strengthening collaborative innovation in nuclear science and technology. We should pool global wisdom and make joint efforts to achieve breakthrough in major and key science and technologies, and constantly explore and innovate, so as to enable a strong and vital development of nuclear power and technology.

Secondly, promoting the wide application of nuclear technology. The Agency should give full play to the role of nuclear technology in solving the problems facing the mankind, such as food, health and water resources, and help Member States to achieve the. UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. To this end, China appreciates and supports the ZODIAC Project initiated by the Director General Grossi and hopes that the Agency will further refine the plan subject to the consultation with relevant parties.

Thirdly, properly resolving hot-spot nuclear issues. China has always advocated the peaceful settlement of the Korean Peninsula and Iran nuclear issues through dialogue and negotiation. The Agency should uphold its professionalism, maintain objectivity and impartiality, and continue to play a constructive role in resolving the hot-spot reginal nuclear issues.

Thank you, Mr. President.